Winterider Album Cover Art Revealed!

Back in September, Everfrost announced their second full length album 'Winterider' scheduled for a spring 2019 release.

2018 has been quite a productive year for the band including Finland shows, a live DVD release, a tour documentary and 'making of' series, and of course the band entering the studio to begin recording the new album. At this point it's time to unveil the album's cover artwork and give the first look at Winterider!

The artwork was made by ADSouto, an anime/manga artist from Spain with quite a versatile skillset. The cover in question wasn't immediately easy to conceptualize this time around, given the album's story, and the band searched hard to find the right artist for the job. It was time well spent however!

You may be thinking "what the sh*t is going on here?!"

Not to worry, more clues and information regarding artwork and story are on the way. However one of these girls should be already familiar to Everfrost fans!

You will also be getting a deeper look into the manga comic work that will be included with the album by another artist you will meet soon.

Everfrost wishes you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays! PS we may have an extra present or two in store yet..

More of ADSouto at:





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