New EVERFROST Album Announced!

Since the release of debut album Blue Eyed Emotion, Everfrost have been active on the stage and in the studio bringing listeners the follow up EP Appetite for Candlelight, single Cold Night Remedy and live DVD A Cold Night Out. The band is now aiming to raise the bar of what an album experience is traditionally expected to be, with their second full-length album Winterider!

Photo by Laureline Tilkin

The album will feature 10 songs of Everfrost's winter spiced melodic metal elevated to the extreme this time around! The tracklist will include the band's first ballad, their fastest song to date and the first Everfrost epic, clocking in at over 10 minutes.

The album will be a unique undertaking for a metal/rock band, as it will be the combination of a fully coherent manga comic and a conceptual album. The story will feature characters from debut album Blue Eyed Emotion, and will take them on a desperate journey to survive a never-ending winter! This type of an album has never been attempted before, and the band is pulling out all the stops to provide you with a truly unique experience in the world of comics and music!

Keyboardist Benji Connelly began the demo-process for Winterider in the summer of 2017 following the single release Cold Night Remedy, which will also appear on the album. By March 2018 most of the songs and story manuscript had been finished, as was mentioned in an interview with Musicalypse after their taped show at The Circus, Helsinki. As of September, Everfrost has hit the studio and will be documenting the entire 'making of' process for Winterider, beginning with promo photoshoots lead by Tuonela Magazine's Laureline Tilkin.

More information will be unveiled later this year, but the group can now finally give you a release date of Spring 2019 for the ambitious body of work.

Get ready for Winterider!

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