Everfrost to Release 'A Cold Night Out' Digital Live Show

As was mentioned throughout the band's social media, Everfrost finished their first tour of shows focusing on southern Finland in mid March this year. The 'Cold Nights Tour' contained some note-worthy shows for sure from playing among cars hanging from the ceiling to quite literally performing in the middle of nowhere! The highlight however was hands down when Everfrost played an extended set at Helsinki's legendary metal stage, The Circus.

The show was both proshot and recorded to be made into the band's first official live concert release which will be released digitally on May 18th, 2018 with the title 'A Cold Night Out!'

A Cold Night Out will be available for purchase digitally from the Everfrost online shop and will be also coming later free to stream on Youtube. The digital package however will include bonus content and extras, featuring two vlog documentaries of the band's banter and bullshit over the last two years!

Get ready to see for the first time Everfrost's intense live experience with a unique setlist covering all studio releases by the band. The show also included the live debut of fan favorite song 'Clockwork Wilderness' featuring Sami Korpikoski (Blackment) as well as the group's new controversial metal cover of popstar Kesha's 2012 hit 'Die Young.'

Show setlist is as follows:

1. Welcome to Everfrost (Intro)

2. The Lonesome Prince

3. Appetite for Candlelight

4. The Glades and the Cradle

5. Cold Night Remedy

6. Hemlock

7. Silver Nights, Golden Dreams

8. Die Young (Kesha Cover)

9. Clockwork Wilderness (feat Sami Korpikoski)


10. Three Tier Terror

The cover of the artwork features again iconic Everfrost character, Casey-Rose drawn by returning character artist qhostkid. The background artwork was made by none other than Michiru Bokido, the Japanese mangaka who illustrated the band's debut album along with contributing background artwork on the Appetite for Candlelight EP and band's backdrop used throughout the tour. The foreground artwork features an adaption of Helsinki's northern esplanade made by Everfrost keyboardist Benjamin, in tribute to the band's hometown and show location.

Photos by Laureline Tilkin

While the tour and show's name make reference to the latest single release 'Cold Night Remedy' and the shows being mostly in the coldest periods of Finnish winter, the band agree it also symbolizes the struggles and hunger of many bands trying to break through in their early days. It was tough at times but the fans and supporters who shared this with the band cannot be thanked enough and have made this unforgettable!

Stay tuned for updates and trailer for A Cold Night Out on Everfrost's Facebook and Instagram accounts and enjoy the show (and all the fuck-ups xD) when it is released on May 18th!

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