Joonas Salminen Joins Everfrost

Today we are excited to welcome Joonas ‘James’ Salminen to Everfrost as our new drummer! You will get to see his powerful drumming with us at shows later in the year.

Joonas is most known for being the drummer of Winterthroned and the current drummer of Korso-based alternative metal band, GIRA.

He introduced himself with a cheerful message on the band Facebook page this week!

“Greetings, As you may have noticed Im the new maestro for drums, percussions and all shorts of pots and kettles for the band. Thanks for the warm welcome! Been practicing alot to get the best kind of feel to the songs. The songs are coming along nicely btw (Three Tier Terror is my personal favorite). Cant wait to play for you guys! My fellow band mates said that I have free hands on the drums so they might be little bit different live than in the album Gonna shoot a Drum cover of some of them in the future so just you wait. I guess thats all. See you out there! Cheers

– Joonas “James” Salminen

To clarify, even though the drums early in the band and on Blue Eyed Emotion were performed by Benjamin, the decision to welcome a new drummer to the band was made as he had decided to be the band’s keyboardist during the making of the album. The decision came from feeling more in touch and passionate with the songs as the keyboardist and that the role of the drummer therefore belonged to someone who felt the full passion toward the music in that area.

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